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The magnificent St. Joe is a traditional Westslope Cutthroat Trout fishery boasting an impressive population of the native cutthroat trout. This scenic river beckons to beginners and seasoned anglers alike to enjoy bountiful catches of fish ranging anywhere from 8" to 22". The mesmerizing emerald waters of the St. Joe flow gracefully around pocket pools, dotted with rocky stepping-stones, and offers numerous riffles. Our fly-fishing season on the St. Joe begins in early spring depending on runoff and guests continue to enjoy an abundant trout population through the late spring and summer and even through the fall. Several different hatches can be found along the St. Joe, including Stone Flies, May Flies, Caddis, and Terrestrials.

At ROW, we have been guiding trips on the St. Joe since 1986, longer than any other outfitter on the river. Our experienced fly fishing guides will prove to be indispensable as they aid you in selecting the perfect flies and position you along the river to enjoy a plentiful haul.

ROW Adventures provides all necessary gear for the trip. If you have your own gear and would like to bring it just let us know.

Fishing licenses are not included and can be purchased online at the Idaho Fish and Game website.

All fishing is catch and release.

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