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Clark Fork Rafting

The Clark Fork Rafting Experience

Clark Fork is the region's most popular day-trip, it's a high-volume ride through rapids with names like Fang, Boat Eater, Tumbleweed and Cliffside!

Family-friendly with a recommended minimum age of 7 (prior to July 10, recommended minimum age is 12), quiet pools and warm water, a Clark Fork rafting trip will be something your family will want to make a tradition!

Swimming fans also enjoy the flat-water sections that offer the chance for a refreshing dip alongside the raft.

Alberton Gorge

The Alberton Gorge section of the Clark Fork is isolated from roads and runs through a deep canyon of rose-colored cliffs.

Trips are taken with 14-foot paddle rafts that allow everyone to be a part of the rafting fun. You'll learn to paddle from professionally trained guides as you navigate the Clark Fork whitewater as a team. 

Clark Fork River rafting is perfect for families and friends, but it's also a great way to unwind with your club, church, business outing or other custom group looking for a new and exciting day together with nature as entertainment.

The history of the Clark Fork River

The history of the Clark Fork River is as mesmerizing as its beauty. The story starts 12,000 years ago, in the depths of Glacial Lake Missoula when the mountain valleys and the Clark Fork River sank below the lake's surface.

Formed by an ice dam that blocked the Clark Fork River outlet near the present-day Idaho border, Glacial Lake Missoula was nearly 2,000 feet deep and contained more water than Lake Eerie and Lake Ontario combined. The continuous growth of the lake helped trigger a cataclysmic failure of the ice dam, allowing the enormous volume of the lake to flood out towards the Pacific Ocean.

The ensuing flood encompassed all the land near Montana, Washington, Oregon and Idaho up to the Columbia River before recollecting in the Pacific. The event left the story of rock, water and power. The signature of Glacial Lake Missoula can be seen on the shores of Oregon and across the Inland Northwest. The largest river of Montana is Columbia's Clark Fork which is bigger than the Missouri in Montana and provides the best whitewater rafting.

A large portion of the Rocky Mountains in Montana is drained by the Clark Fork River. The national parks, wild areas, forests, river valleys, one-third of human population in Montana, and the waters of the Blackfoot Rivers, Flathead Lake and Rock Creek are all part of the Rocky Mountain basin.

The Alberton Gorge is very popular due to its recreational treasures (Clark Fork rafting) and the amazing scenery. This makes it a preferred destination for family trips during summer. The gorge, which is thirty-five miles west of Missoula, is actually a canyon section of the Clark Fork River that has Class II and III whitewater rapids. This is a good choice for beginners and experts alike, and both locals and tourists have a wonderful time on the Clark Fork. The seven major rapids along this section of the river, as well as many smaller rapids, will create memories that last a lifetime.

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