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We pioneered the earliest whitewater rafting trips on the St. Joe and Moyie rivers

These trips take you over crystal clear waters and through the dense Cedar forests of Idaho. The rapids are good for beginners, but are still enough to excite the more thrill-seeking, experienced whitewater rafters.

St Joe River Rafting

St. Joe River Rafting

ROW pioneered the earliest whitewater rafting trip on St. Joe River in 1986. This trip takes you down crystal clear waters and through the dense Cedar forests of Idaho. The rapids are good for beginners but are enough to excite even more thrill-seeking, experienced whitewater rafters.

The river is called the slow-moving, 'shadowy St. Joe,' which is a suitable characterization of the river downstream closer to the Lake Coeur d'Alene. But the upper reach of the river, 90 miles upstream, is the start of our paddling journey and is a great trip for whitewater enthusiasts. The water is crystal-clear, creating a mesmerizing, mystical emerald hue.

Moyie River Rafting

Moyie River Rafting

Known by very few people, the Moyie River is a true whitewater rafting gem in northern Idaho. ROW Adventures first pioneered the eleven to fifteen-mile rafting trip on the Moyie River back in 1981. Our trip goes through a densely forested, rugged, and narrow gorge lined with Pine and Cedar and covered with blooming Syringa shrubs and wildflowers. The rapids are bouncy, big and a lot of fun, and they make the Moyie River exciting for everyone!

Beginners will enjoy the Moyie as an introduction to whitewater rafting, and experienced rafters will love the Moyie for the beautiful, green scenery and remote wilderness experience. The rapids are fun, but not too intimidating, making the Moyie a great choice for family rafting trips too. In the end, the Moyie River delivers a very exciting whitewater rafting day that should not be missed.

St. Joe River

Beautiful trout can be seen in the waters of St. Joe while you float between rapids in the mountains of Idaho...but don't keep your eye off the horizon too long. During the trip, the narrow passage makes water explode into paddle-bashing Class III and Class IV whitewater fun. We might have been the first organization to offer trips to the St. Joe River, but now the river has become a hot destination for whitewater day trips.

Paddle rafts are used on the St. Joe to get everyone involved in the fun. Thirteen-foot rafts are used in low waters while fourteen-foot rafts are used for high waters. We can see Mergansers, Songbirds, and Osprey as we float through the wilderness canyon and may be able to spot a bear, moose, or Harlequin Duck if we are lucky enough.

We also run fly fishing trips on the St. Joe - which has a Blue Ribbon Cutthroat trout stream - during and after whitewater rafting season. A day of fly fishing combined with a day of rafting makes for a great St. Joe river trip.

The St. Joe is less than 2 hours away from Coeur d'Alene and Spokane, and our whitewater trip begins at Gold Creek Camp ground, east of Avery, Idaho.  This is a trip worth taking with your family and friends, as it is a great adventure you will remember for the rest of your lives.

Moyie River

The Moyie River is situated near Sandpoint in the Kaniksu National Forest of Northern Idaho. The river is fed by melting snow and ice from surrounding mountain peaks and gains momentum through the streams of British Columbia before reaching Idaho. This fifteen-mile river trip is perfect when on vacation in Eastern Washington and North Idaho.

The Moyie River is a tributary of the Kootenai River that flows towards the south into the wilderness canyons in North Idaho. The Class 2 whitewater goes through a dense Cedar forest and takes our rafts across a seemingly endless succession of galloping rapids. A whitewater trip on the Moyie River is a fun-filled day complete with beautiful scenery, action, and excitement, and wildlife, all packed into one unforgettable experience.

It takes less than 2 hours to reach the Moyie River from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and Spokane, Washington, and only forty minutes from Sandpoint, Idaho.

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