Whitewater Rush Package

A package with 2 nights of lodging
  • Dates: May 14 - June 30*
  • Rates: From $320.00 per person (based on four people in a small cabin)
  • Recommended Minimum Age: 17. 14-16 on approval
  • Whitewater: Class III-IV+ rapids
  • MeetRiver Dance Lodge
  • Check-in: 4:00 p.m. PDT
  • Duration: 2 Nights
  • Meals Included: Yes

Call to book!  (208) 770-2517

*Please note we require a minimum of 6 guests to run a trip. If you have less than 6 in your party, you can still reserve space and we will work to place you with another group in order to confirm your trip.

*Dates subject to change due to water levels.

This package includes 2 nights of lodging at the River Dance Lodge, meals from dinner on arrival through breakfast on departure, and a Lochsa Classic trip! In May and June, the thunderous Lochsa River provides one of the wildest whitewater rides in the world. Paddle through raft-bashing waves during the day and relax in the ambiance of your own log cabin at night. As whitewater rafting trips go, it's hard to find a river that has more rapids per mile than the Lochsa. And these rapids are big! Our Lochsa Classic trip covers 20 miles of thrilling whitewater and numerous rapids such as Ten Pin Alley, Grim Reaper, Bloody Mary, Termination and Lochsa Falls. The Lochsa is free-flowing and nature's whim determines water levels.

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May 14 - June 30*


From $320.00 per person  (based on four people in a small cabin)

*Please note we require a minimum of 6 guests to run a trip. If you have less than 6 in your party, you can still reserve a spot and we will work to place with another group in order to confirm your trip.

*Dates subject to change due to water levels.

​Prices plus 8% Land & Water Access fee

Meeting Location

Our outpost is located at River Dance Lodge in Syringa, Idaho. If you plan to fly, the closest airport is in Lewiston, Idaho with service on Horizon Air. The closest major airports are Missoula, MT and Spokane, WA. At the airport, you will need to rent a car to drive to the River Dance Lodge.

Click Here for driving directions to River Dance Lodge.

Click here for more information on River Dance Lodge.


I've never been rafting before. Is the Lochsa an appropriate choice?

Probably not. We prefer people with previous rafting experience on the Lochsa. Of all the rivers where we run 1-day trips, the chances of falling out of a raft are higher on the Lochsa than any other river. We want your first rafting experience to be a positive one. If you fall out and find out that you're terrified, you may not want to go rafting ever again. It's better to gain experience on an easier river where you're more likely to stay in the raft all day! Here's another way to think of it. Say you had never tasted wine in your life. Someone pours you a 20-year old French Bordeaux. With no point of comparison, the excellence of this wine would likely not be appreciated. Think of the Lochsa as the French Bordeaux. Better to learn more about whitewater on other rivers so you truly appreciate the Class IV power and excitement of the Lochsa's rapids.

Can I go rafting if I don't swim?

Generally yes. Everyone wears a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) and this is a more important tool than knowing how to swim. However, often people who swim are more comfortable in water and the idea of falling out of a raft. Your best choices would be an easier river like the Spokane, Lower Deschutes or Clark Fork

Is rafting safe?

We've taken tens of thousands of people on our trips lasting from 1 to 6 days over the past 40+ years. We do our best to mitigate the natural risks of rafting. However we are human and nature can create difficult conditions. People fall out of rafts, rafts can turn over, people can accidentally hit another person in the raft with a paddle. In the end however, outdoor adventures such as rafting are inherently risky, thus accidents can and do happen.

What is the most exciting 1-day trip you offer?

Rivers are rated by the difficulty of their rapids, with Class I-II being easier than Class III (Intermediate) or Class IV (advanced). However bear in mind that the "most exciting" trip may not be the one appropriate for you. Previous rafting experience, water temperature and the age of those in your party determine which trips are appropriate for you. To help you decide, here's a list of rivers along with their season, water temperature and rapid classification from easiest to most difficult. (To learn more about rapid classifications, visit our Understanding Whitewater Classifications blog.

Spokane River - Mostly class II, but some challenging Class III+ at certain levels in late May and June. Cold water in May/June then a warm-water gentle float trip in later July/August.
Clark Fork - Class II-III with warmer (62-68 degree) temperatures in July and August
Lower Deschutes - Class II-III+ with warmer (60-66 degree) temperatures in July-September
Moyie River - Class III-III+ cold (48-58 degree) water in May/June
St. Joe River - Class III-III+ cold (50-60 degree) water in May/June
Lochsa River - Class IV - IV+ cold (45 degree) water in May/early June and cool (55-63 degree) in late June/early July


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