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girl rafting in oregon

The Ideal Trip for Boy or Girl Scout Groups

With our expertise, you can plan and host a recreational adventure your Scout group will never forget. Entertain your Scouts as they raft and zipline through the mountains, play group games in the sun, and learn about natural world around them!

We are part of a respected and long-established body of outdoor adventure companies, and as such we would be your perfect partners for organizing your Boy or Girl Scout Troup’s ideal trip.

With our coordinated and competent aid, your Scouts can safely create their own adventure in a world of outdoor opportunities.

We understand that every group is unique, and so we will provide your group with individualized consideration. Our diligent evaluation of your Scout’s requirements and desires will allow us to ensure that your group trip meets your outdoor adventure and learning expectations. We will also provide pleasant lodging and camp facilities, wholesome meals, and Scout group retreat assistance to guarantee your comfort and enjoyment.

With our outdoor adventure program, your troop will engage with nature and with each other in an exciting and remarkable way. In a life full of virtual worlds and cubical walls, give your troop an opportunity explore the great outdoors, master skills and discover new knowledge, all while meeting friends and sharing experiences. A world of adventure in the great outdoors is waiting!

Our team will help you organize a trip that will surpass expectations and transcend preconceptions. Contact our Group Sales Specialist to find out more regarding facilities, prices, adventure program options, and exemptions for non-profit organizations.