River Rafting

The ROW Adventure Center has more whitewater rafting experience than any other outfitter in the region. Since 1979 we have taken over 70,000 guests down rivers in Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon. Our interpretive guides are well versed in the region's wildlife and history...but more importantly, they know these rivers and will thrill you with a fun and exciting ride! In the end, it isn't a question of which outfitter you should use but rather which river you should choose!

Clark Fork River Rafting

Clark Fork River

If you are looking to enjoy an amazing day of roller coaster waves and splash landings, the Clark Fork is your river! The region's most popular day-trip, it's a big volume ride through rapids with names like Fang, Boat Eater, Tumbleweed and Cliffside!
Lochsa River Whitewater Rafting

Lochsa River

Considered some of the best whitewater in North America, no other rafting trip offers the kind of explosive, continuous whitewater that Idaho's Lochsa River does. Trips, ranging from 1-3 days, are packed with whitewater thrills that will excite anyone seeking the ultimate adrenaline rush.
Spokane Rafting

Spokane River

This journey takes you through the dramatic rock formations of the Bowl & Pitcher and undeveloped Riverside State Park. As you gaze upon towering Ponderosa pines, huge formations of basalt cliffs and watch Osprey and eagles soar overhead, it's hard to believe that you're within minutes of downtown.
St Joe Moyie River Rafting

St. Joe & Moyie Rivers

We pioneered the earliest whitewater rafting trips on the St. Joe and Moyie rivers. These trips take you over crystal clear waters and through the dense Cedar forests of Idaho. The rapids are good for beginners, but are still enough to excite the more thrill-seeking, experienced whitewater rafters.
Rafting the Selway

Clearwater & Selway Rivers

We offer rafting and floating trips on the Selway and Clearwater Rivers.  Our friendly, professional river guides will teach you about the Nez Perce Tribe, the original inhabitants of this majestic land. The Selway River and Clearwater River provided rich fishing waters, and you can still see salmon jumping at Selway Falls early in the summer.
Rafting trips for a cause

Trips for a Cause

We strongly believe that to be a responsible community member, we - and every business - should give back. Our primary focus is supporting causes that align with our mission and values. Please consider joining us on one of our charitable trips that support causes such as the Susan G. Komen foundation and the Spokane River Keepers.