Float trips are the perfect way to experience the river without intense rapids.  On these trips, you can choose to get a little closer to the water and take out an inflatable kayak instead of paddling in a raft.  Check out the rivers we float below!

Spokane Rafting

Spokane River

This journey takes you through the dramatic rock formations of the Bowl & Pitcher and undeveloped Riverside State Park. As you gaze upon towering Ponderosa pines, huge formations of basalt cliffs and watch Osprey and eagles soar overhead, it's hard to believe that you're within minutes of downtown.
Rafting the Selway

Clearwater & Selway Rivers

We offer rafting and floating trips on the Selway and Clearwater Rivers.  Our friendly, professional river guides will teach you about the Nez Perce Tribe, the original inhabitants of this majestic land. The Selway River and Clearwater River provided rich fishing waters, and you can still see salmon jumping at Selway Falls early in the summer.