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Sharing the adventure

Sharing in an adventure brings people closer together. It’s a common cinematic trope: two people fall in love while they commence on a grand adventure through the wilderness. From classic movies like The African Queen and The Last of the Mohicans to animated favorites like Ice Age and Tangled, cinema reinforces our cultural ideology that adventures through the great outdoors provides a unique opportunity for people to connect and reconnect. With ROW Adventure Center, those stunning locales, thrilling activities, and secluded vistas are here for your taking. Stay in charming cabins or camp out under the stars, eat at quiet restaurants set against the woods, and find the romance that inspires the movies.

With manic schedules filled with meetings, appointments, errands, and responsibilities, it’s easy to get lost in the world and lose track of each other. Our adventures offer a distinctive opportunity to reconnect with each other, and with nature, away from such responsibilities. If you’re a couple who appreciates the thrill of outdoor adventures, you can find that exhilaration as you raft along rapids, hike through towering trees, and bike on challenging trails. Engage with each other as you take on the wild. Trade in the candlelight dinner for the spark of a campfire as you discover life’s adventures together. You can focus on each other and the fun to be had on our guided tours.

Our getaways offer the perfect spot to celebrate anniversaries, create new anniversaries, or simply enjoy one another as you experience the outdoors together. Rekindle the spark with a campfire or luxuriate in the seclusion only nature can provide. Make ROW Adventure Center’s couples getaways part of your love story!