Girlfriend Getaways

Girlfriend Getaways to the Northwest Outdoors!

There’s nothing like a good girls’ night—hanging out with your friends and enjoying the unique camaraderie that comes with simply spending time with the girls. Now, imagine a girls’ weekend full of adventure, laughter, and nature. With ROW Adventure Center, you can plan a girls-only retreat that will at once relax and reinvigorate you! Change up your night out on the town for an outdoor adventure and discover your wild side.

Couples Getaways

Romantic getaways in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho or Spokane, WA.

Sharing in an adventure brings people closer together. It’s a common cinematic trope: two people fall in love while they commence on a grand adventure through the wilderness. From classic movies like The African Queen and The Last of the Mohicans to animated favorites like Ice Age and Tangled, cinema reinforces our cultural ideology that adventures through the great outdoors provides a unique opportunity for people to connect and reconnect. With ROW Adventure Center, those stunning locales, thrilling activities, and secluded vistas are here for your taking. Stay in charming cabins or camp out under the stars, eat at quiet restaurants set against the woods, and find the romance that inspires the movies.

Family Gatherings & Reunions

Family Gatherings, Reunions, and Multi-Generational Vacations with ROW Adventure Center.

There’s something special about watching your children enjoy new challenges, master a new skill, or explore a new world. There’s something extraordinary about not only being there on the sidelines, but discovering everything together. With ROW Adventure Center, you can take your family on a trip you’ll all remember forever as you experience the amazing adventure that is the outdoors together.

Church Groups

Bring your church community closer as you commune with nature and experience God’s wonders

Take in the breathtaking landscapes and enjoy a retreat where you can commune with your church community and the glories of nature. The serene setting offers the perfect opportunity for reflection and fellowship, communication and connection. ROW Adventure Center offers the ideal retreat for both recreation and rest. We specialize in church group trips in the Spokane, Coeur d'Alene and North Idaho regions.

College Groups

Exciting rafting and adventure trips for college club outings, sorority and fraternity groups.

ROW Adventure Center offers affordable and exhilarating rafting and outdoor adventure vacations for college and university student groups. Look into our vacation packages to find the ideal trip for your fraternity or sorority, department, or university clubs. Whatever your group might be, we have adventures that will meet your needs and ensure an unforgettable, amazing time for all. College students who have trusted ROW Adventures many times over the years come from University of Idaho, Washington State, Gonzaga, Whitworth, North Idaho College, Eastern Washington University, Lewis and Clark State, Whitman, Central Washington and University of Washington.

Youth Groups

Youth Group Trips for Schools and More

ROW Adventure Center specializes in adventure trips for a variety of youth groups, including school groups, church youth groups, YMCA and YWCA groups, athletic teams, marching bands, summer camps, incentive trips, and more. Whatever your youth group might be, we can guarantee them an unmatched, exhilarating outdoor adventure!

Corporate Groups

Corporate Team Building

Many employees ultimately dread corporate retreats as they are bombarded with images of campfire songs or cliché trust exercises. However, ROW Adventure Center believes that your retreat should be engaging, reinvigorating, and rewarding. With our location in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (Spokane, Coeur d'Alene, North Idaho), your employees can relax and enjoy the stunning scenery, take on exhilarating outdoor challenges, and see each other in a new light as they explore the wilderness together.

Military Groups

Military and Safety personnel (and their families) are always welcome with special military and service personnel discounts

ROW Adventure Center is the premier company for outdoor adventure in the Northwest, and we can ensure that your trip is filled to the brim with exciting challenges, relaxing recreation, and camaraderie. The Northwest offers lake kayaking, whitewater rafting, river kayaking, paddle boarding, biking, hiking, and fly fishing. Choose the activities that suit your fancy and find yourself on a trip that makes your fantasy a reality. With ROW Adventure Center, you can enjoy a sun-filled family vacation or take the opportunity to improve your accreditation. We are able to offer specialized training courses in whitewater rafting and other activities.

Scout Groups

We have a variety of exciting and fun-filled outdoor activities for you to participate in at ROW Adventure Center. With our expertise, you can plan and host a recreational adventure your Scout group will never forget. Entertain your Scouts as they raft and zipline through the mountains, play group games in the sun, and learn about natural world around them!