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Class l-III rapids
Meeting Point
Superior, Montana
9:00 a.m. PST
Full Day
Lunch Included

Clark Fork Rafting

The region's most popular trip, the Clark Fork River through Montana's Alberton Gorge is an exciting, splashy ride through Class II-III whitewater. Thousands of people visit the Clark Fork each year for its amazing scenery and fun rapids. Our trips include a delicious riverside lunch, professional guides, and rafting gear. All we need are eager, enthusiastic rafters (first-timers and experts alike) that are ready to have an unforgettable day on the river!

We use 13' paddle rafts so everyone is a participant. Each raft has a professional guide who teaches everyone how to paddle and as a team as you navigate the rapids.

Our season begins around the first week of July and goes until early September, depending on water levels. Rafters as young as 7 are welcome (check with us about early July water levels as it might be best to wait till mid-July to take kids younger than 9.) First-time rafters are welcome and all participants should be in good health and comfortable in water.


Group of 16+
$110/Adult, $95/Youth
Book Online or call (208) 770-2517

Rates from July 4 to September 2, 2024

*Please note we require a minimum of 6 guests to run a trip. Trips typically operate daily in July and August. If you have less than 6 in your party, you can still reserve space and we will work to place you with another group in order to confirm your trip.

*Dates subject to change due to water levels and availability.

*Prices plus 3% Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks Department Use fee and 7% Land & Water Access fee.

Many of our guests have requested information regarding gratuities - while all of our guides strive to provide an excellent trip for our guests in every way...if you feel that your trip was extraordinary and would like to leave a gratuity for your guide, we recommend 10-20% of your trip cost.  Of course, all gratuities are optional and at your sole discretion.


9:00 AM PST: Meet in scenic Superior Montana. 

10:00 AM: After a safety talk and demonstration you'll hit the river! 

12:00 PM: You'll stop for lunch on the beach and then back to floating. 

4:00-4:30 PM: Back to your vehicles.*

*Please note that due to the nature of the trip times may vary.

Trip Details

Packing list

Many days on the Clark Fork are hot and sunny and you'll simply need a swimsuit, T-shirt and proper footwear. However, if the forecast is for cool weather in western Montana, you should try and bring a set of synthetic tights/leggings, a synthetic sweater/shirt and a raincoat. Our guides often find that synthetic leggings with a pair of nylon shorts over the top are the perfect combination for cool days. If it gets even cooler, adding a synthetic sweater and/or raincoat completes the outfit. The weather in Montana may be different than Coeur d'Alene or Spokane, so come prepared for a variety of conditions. Avoid all cotton materials as cotton makes you colder when wet!

For Warm Days:

  • Water bottle - very important to bring along with you!
  • Sun screen and sun hat 
  • Towel for end of day
  • Nylon shorts or swimsuit 
  • Camera
  • Tennis shoes or sport sandals with straps
  • Head strap for glasses
  • Windbreaker and/or raincoat in case of cloudy weather

For Cool Days:

  • Synthetic leggings or tights is highly recommended
  • Synthetic top*
  • Rain coat* (good waterproof kind - not nylon windbreaker)
  • See other items under "For Warm Days" too


You can find local weather information here.  

Meeting Location

Meeting Location: TBD for the 2024 Season (in or near St. Regis or Superior, MT)

The closest airports are in Spokane, WA and Missoula, MT as well as a small municipal airport in Superior for private aircraft.



Here at ROW Adventures, our first and foremost goal is for you to have an enjoyable and safe experience. While most of our trips are suitable for beginners, some of our trips are more active than others and it’s important that you understand the physical requirement of the trip you choose. 

All rafting trips are active adventures that involve some level of physical exertion and possible exposure to the elements including but not limited to wind, rain, heat, sun, cold temperatures and cold water conditions.  ROW Adventures is able to accommodate people with physical limitations, disabilities, and medical conditions; please speak with your Adventure Consultant if you think you will require any additional assistance while on the trip.  We ask that you consult your doctor if you have health or medical conditions that could impact your ability to participate in an active and outdoor adventure.  In general, all trip participants must be able to do the following:  

  • Wear all protective and safety equipment that is required by ROW Adventures and recommended/required by industry-wide standards.
  • Load and unload, on their own or with the aid of a qualified companion, the bus and/or van providing transportation for ROW Adventures activities.
  • Reach the river access points (put-in and take-out) on their own, or with the aid of a qualified companion.
  • Enter and exit the raft, kayak and/or inflatable kayak on their own or with the aid of a qualified companion.
  • Remain seated and balanced in a floating raft, canoe, kayak or inflatable kayak w/ the aid of adaptive equipment, if necessary.
  • Perform all on water activities, including following instructions that like paddling commands from the guide in class I and higher whitewater on their own or with the assistance of a qualified companion. 
  • Float on their back when entering moving and still water.  The participant must be capable of turning from face-down to face-up in the water with the aid of a Personal Floatation Device and must be able to hold their breath while underwater.
  • Remain calm and keep breathing under control in the event of a whitewater swim.
  • Get out from under a raft, whether the raft is up-right or capsized, in moving water.
  • Climb into the raft, with the help of another person, should an involuntary swim happen at any point on the river.
  • Make progress toward the shoreline or a raft by swimming in moving water and must be able to exit the river and ascend the shoreline once reached.
  • Participate as an active paddler when instructed by the guide for the duration of the trip. 
  • Move about the campsite on their own or with the aid of a qualified companion on all trips that include overnight camping and/or lunch.

Click HERE to see Terms and Conditions. 

Important Notice: ROW has an excellent safety record, but you should know that whitewater rafting is 
inherently risky. You will be required to sign a "Release and Assumption of Risk" agreement prior to the trip, 
recognizing and accepting the risks involved. If you're interested in trip cancellation, travel or accident 
insurance, contact our office. We do not allow alcoholic beverages or any drugs.


What class of rapids is the Clark Fork River?

The Clark Fork river is class I-III rapids depending on the specific rapid and water flow. This is a pool and drop river; meaning after a set of rapids there is a lull in white water and time to catch your breath, grab a drink of water, and take in the beautiful scenery of the Alberton George.

What if I have to go to the bathroom while out on the river?

ROW abides by the motto “the solution to pollution is dilution” in regard to liquid waste. For solid waste, guides will have wag bags for use to dispose of properly. The boat launch and take-out sites have pit toilets for public use as well.

For feminine hygiene, come prepared with some small zip-lock bags. These are useful for disposal during the day while on the river and can be put into our trash containers at lunch or the end of the day.

What is for lunch?

Lunch is comprised of a spread of appetizers like chips and dip, veggies and hummus, and fruit. The main lunch spread is a build-your-own sandwich bar with cookies for dessert. Beverages include, but are not limited to sparkling water, soda, tea, and water. No alcoholic beverages will be served during the trip.

Guides will pass out snacks on the bus ride to and from the river ranging from fruit snacks, trail mix, granola bars, etc.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you have any dietary needs or allergies and fill out your trip application form accordingly.

What should I wear?

For a full packing list click here. In summary, days on the Clark Fork are usually warm and sunny. A swimsuit is recommended as well as a sun hoodie, and shorts for sun protection and abrasion resistance against the raft and PFDs (personal floatation devices). For footwear pair of sandals with ankle straps Chacos, Keens, Bedrocks, or Tevas are preferred but there are many other brands that are suitable. Please no flip-flops.

What kind of watercraft do you use?

On the Clark Fork River, we use 14ft paddle rafts. Each raft can accommodate up to 7 guests with 1 guide. Everyone is an active participant on this trip. You will have a paddle to propel the boat downriver at the guide’s given commands.


What's the weather like during the Clark Fork rafting season?

From June to September the average weather temperatures in Superior Montana range from 77 to 87 degrees F. The weather is usually sunny in the summer months and rafting makes for a great way to cool off in the heat.

What temperature is the Clark Fork River?

From June to September the water temperature ranges from 56 to 72 degrees F, with the warmest water temperatures happening in July.

How long does it take to float the Clark Fork?

Your day with ROW Adventures Center will begin at 9:00 AM PST and end at 5:00 PST. We will be on the water for roughly 5 hours. Please note that float times can vary depending on water levels, other rafters, etc.

How many river miles do we raft?

Over the course of the day we will float a total of 10 miles.

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Overall Rating

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Daniel Bain
February 14, 2021 at 7:12 am
We were very impressed with the organization that went into our rafting trip. The guides were professional and plenty of fun. We taught each other songs and had just the right amount of wet water. Our guide was a school teacher making me wish I could go back to grade school! The Clark Fork was a wonderful ride
Daniel Bain
February 14, 2021 at 7:12 am
We were very impressed with the organization that went into our rafting trip. The guides were professional and plenty of fun. We taught each other songs and had just the right amount of wet water. Our guide was a school teacher making me wish I could go back to grade school! The Clark Fork was a wonderful ride
Danielle Brister
February 14, 2021 at 6:37 am
Love this raft trip! I have been twice and both times were a blast. You hit a lot of really awesome rapids and get to float a bit and enjoy the River. Even has a nice pit stop to jump off the rocks into the River. Guides are super cool! Highly recommend.
February 12, 2021 at 10:41 pm
The Clark Fork river is a great family rafting trip. This is a great stop between the Hiawatha Trail and Missoula.
February 12, 2021 at 6:49 pm
Had an amazing time on the one day Clark Fork River. The staff were so friendly and amazing. I recommend Row Adventures to all friends and family.
Caleb hallett
February 12, 2021 at 5:07 pm
My wife and I had never rafted before this trip and were obviously somewhat nervous. Once getting going and getting through some of the early obstacles with our guide we felt great and were ready for anything. This trip was great and we look forward to expanding our rafting portfolio due to this experience.
Jacob Wayman
February 12, 2021 at 5:55 am
Amazing trip. Perfect weather, water was fantastic temperature. Everyone felt safe and had a great time.
Maggie Rowe
February 11, 2021 at 8:03 pm
My husband and I had an absolute blast on a 1-day trip on the Clark Fork River. The guides were knowledgeable and personable, the food was delicious, and we were able to just enjoy beautiful Montana without having to do any work! Loved it!
Beth Latina
February 11, 2021 at 7:00 pm
The rafting trip on the Clark Fork River was amazing. I would do it again anytime! The guide was terrific. She was professional and knew what she was doing at all times. She was a very nice person as well!!
Tracey Sutton
February 11, 2021 at 6:09 pm
We were able to take two trips with ROW on the Clark Fork River and all I can say is ... what a blast! The captain of our raft was skillful, funny and made our river adventure such fun. The lunch spread was such a surprise - yumm!! Looking forward to more fun on the river with ROW.
Book Online or call (208) 770-2517