Justin Montgomery

Activities Guide

Born and raised in Virginia, Justin is a natural when it comes to nature. He received a Bachelor of Science in Recreation and Tourism Studies with a concentration in Therapeutic Recreation from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. While he has always enjoyed the outdoors, he fell in love with boating and guiding when he moved out west to Idaho to work for the North Idaho College's Outdoor Pursuits Program as a summer intern, and then as a teacher's assistant. When he's not helping other people enjoy the great outdoors, you can find him working or riding on his bikes or skis; anything hands-on is his forte and favorite way to learn new skills. His favorite past time is spending time outside with friends, whether its boating, cycling, skiing or climbing, it's always better with good friends! Justin recently joined the ROW Adventure Center team as an activities guide, combining his passion for recreation and the great outdoors, and sharing these experiences with others.