St. Joe River Rafting

St_Joe_River_RaftingROW pioneered the earliest whitewater rafting trip on St. Joe River in 1986. The whitewater trip takes you through the crystal clear waters and dense Cedar forests of Idaho. The whitewater rapids are good for beginners but are enough to excite the thrill seeking, experienced whitewater rafters.

The river is called the slow moving 'shadowy St. Joe' which is a suitable characterization of the river downstream closer to the Lake Coeur d'Alene. But the upper reach of the river, 90 miles upstream, is the start of our paddling and is a great trip for whitewater enthusiasts. The water is crystal-clear, creating a mesmerizing, mystical emerald hue.

Swimming Trout can be viewed in the waters of St. Joe while floating through the Idaho Mountains between rapids...

But don't keep your eye off the horizon too long. During the trip, the narrow passage makes water explode into paddle bashing Class III and Class IV whitewater enjoyment. We might have been the first organization to offer trips to the St. Joe River, but now the river has become a hot destination for whitewater rafting day trips.

Call 208-770-2517 or 866-836-9340 for any questions about our St. Joe River rafting trips.

St. Joe River Rafting Trip Details

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St. Joe Rafting Trip Details

More St. Joe River Information

Paddle rafts are used on the St. Joe rafting trips to get everyone involved in the fun. Thirteen foot rafts are used in low waters while fourteen foot rafts are used for high waters. We can see Mergansers, Songbirds and Osprey as we float through the wilderness canyon and may be able to spot a bear, moose or Harlequin Duck if we are lucky enough.

Fly fishing trips are offered by ROW, during and after whitewater rafting season, in St. Joe that has a Blue Ribbon Cutthroat trout stream. A day of fly fishing combined with a day of rafting makes a great St. Joe river trip.

The rafting trip of St. Joe is less than 2 hours away from Coeur d'Alene and Spokane. It begins in Superior, Montana. The bus transport will take you over a mountain pass and to the headwaters of St. Joe in Idaho. This is a trip worth taking with your family and friends as it is a great adventure you can remember for the rest of your lives.


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