Clark Fork River

Clark Fork River Rafting is a fantastic choice if you are looking to have an amazing rafting day of roller coaster waves, splash landings and pure, wet fun!  The region's most popular day-trip, it's a big volume ride through rapids called Fang, Boat Eater, Tumbleweed and Cliffside!

The Alberton section of the Clark Fork is isolated from roads and runs through a deep canyon that has rose-colored cliffs. Family friendly with a minimum age of 5 (8 during high water), quite pools and warm water, a Clark Fork rafting trip will be something your family will want to make a tradition! Swimming fans also enjoy the flat-water sections that are long stretches of warm, fun water.

Trips are undertaken with 13 foot paddle rafts which enable everyone to be a part of the rafting fun.  You'll learn to paddle from professionally trained guides as you navigate the Clark Fork whitewater as a team. We also have limited number of inflatable kayaks (or Daring Duckies) for the thrill seekers looking for a very intimate relationship with the water!

Clark Fork River rafting is also a great way to unwind with your club, church, business outing or other custom group looking for a new and exciting day together with nature as entertainment.

Clark Fork Rafting | One Day

The region's most popular trip, the Clark Fork River through Montana's Alberton Gorge is a fun, splashy trip with Class II-III rapids. Thousands of people each year...

Rates: $97 (adults) | $84 (youth)

Dates: Daily (June 11 - Sept 7)

  • Duration: Full Day Trip
  • Lunch Included: Yes
  • Intensity: Class Il-III rapids
  • Minimum Age: 10. Children ages 5-9 may be accommodated after mid-July as flows become lower.